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  • Fleet Tracking Systems

    Our fleet tracking system uses state of the art and globally approved GPS and GSM to identify the location of your assets/asset within a couple of meters.
  • Tracking Systems

    We provide secure and reliable tracking systems for caravans, cars, and motor homes. We aim to provide high-quality tracking systems at affordable prices, tailored specifically to the needs of each of our customers.
  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking

    Phantom was created in 2002 to provide a secure and reliable tracking systems for caravans, motor homes and car owners. 
  • What We Do

    Phantom Ltd was created in 2002 to provide a secure and reliable tracking system for caravan, motor home and car owners.
  • Invest in Vehicle Tracking and Improve Your Insurance

    Invest in Vehicle Tracking and Improve your Insurance Securing your vehicle is a necessity for any owner � not only will fitting a tracking system ...
  • Fleet Tracking over Easter

    Despite the bank holiday weekend, for some, the work never stops and business keeps on moving over the Easter Holidays.While hundreds of families w...
  • Caravan Security for Winter Breaks

    If you are planning to head out on a winter caravanning break this year, make sure that you dont get hit with a nasty surprise. Sadly, cold weathe...
  • Fleet Tracking for the Busiest Time of Year

    Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year but it is also the busiest for many industries. As well as the obvious: retail, the leisure in...
  • Seasonal Traffic on the Roads

    The holidays are coming and for businesses that are transport based, this can mean the next few months are full of traffic jams. With a fully integ...
  • Fleet Advice for Start-Ups

    November the 15th was officially Entrepreneur Day celebrating the innovation, drive and business acumen that start-up businesses bring to the mark...
  • Keep Your Caravan Safe this Winter

    Autumn is well and truly underway and with winter just around the corner, it is more important thanever to put measures in place to ensure the safe...
  • Be the Best Driver You Can Be

    Most drivers tend to think they are the best of the rest while out driving on that open stretch, but are they really as safe as they think they are...
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