Engine Remapping

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Engine Remapping

For most engines, it doesn’t matter what you own; it is very likely that it isn’t performing to its full potential because manufacturers need to align factors like emissions and fuel quality with several countries’ regulations. This is on top of making sure it can run when placed in different climates.

So, it makes sense that to economise, manufacturers will shape identical engines with higher power outputs in the more, hi-spec models. And, while almost all companies provide a remapping service, it tends to be costly, which is where Phantom comes in, with our Quantum Remap service.

Not only does our service capitalise on the potential of the engine, but it also does so with safety and both UK and Western European driving conditions in mind, so you can fully benefit from an increase in performance.

Suitable for all types of vehicles

All vehicles, including trucks, can benefit from remapping and, if you choose this service, you can expect to see an enhancement in the power of as much as 15% - 30%. On top of this, an improvement in torque will allow your vehicle to tackle steep inclines and to tow heavy goods with relative ease. Perhaps the biggest advantage of remapping, though, is that you will ultimately use significantly less fuel (up to 10%), enabling fleet owners to treat their pockets with care.

Plus, insurance firms don’t see this service as an alteration in character, rather, an enhancement. With all the remapping we’ve carried out as a company, Phantom have had no previous problems.

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