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What is the Phantom Lite?

The New Phantom Lite has been designed exclusively to provide you with a basic, easy to set up tracking solution. Easy to fit and use with access to the MyPhantom App. While NOT Thatcham Approved, this handy device will give you a great introduction to the world of tracking.

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GPS Tracking

Phantom Lite is our basic introductory tracking solution with 2 Subscription Tariffs to choose from: Standard and Advanced
A Standard Subscription will check in twice a day with your location, whilst an Advanced Subscription will check in every 6 hours.


Phantom Lite has been designed to be affordable and easy to use. Lite is our simplest product and does not come with the 24 Hr Control Center Support or Thatcham Approval, however it can offer you with an affordable device to try out tracking for yourself.

Self Fit

We have designed the Phantom Lite so that you can install it yourself, eliminating installation costs. Installing a Phantom Lite will require some technical knowledge of your own vehicle however, so if this is a concern for you you may wish to consider one of our other tracking systems.


The advanced subscription of the Phantom Lite comes with Shield feature which allows you to recieve Push notifications to your phone whenever your vehicle is moved. This can be toggled on and off using the the MyPhantom App or the MyPhantom Portal.

Subscription Options: Standard Advanced
Subscription £4/month £6.25/month
Unit Cost £99.99 £99.99
Fitting Cost £50 £50
Check Ins Every 12 hours Every 6 hours
Full Instructions
Access to App
Power Level
Power Alerts
Shield Alerts
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