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Need an advanced ghost immobiliser to help keep your vehicle safe? Want to deter criminals and prevent keyless car theft? Like the peace of mind to know that your pride and joy can’t be started until you’ve entered your PIN code?

Then you need the Phantom Immobiliser.

Fitted discreetly into your vehicle by our approved installers, your state-of-the-art immobiliser will be unobtrusive, adaptable and give you the confidence to know your car is always safe.

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Hidden within the wiring loom of your vehicle, the small retrofit device willlook like a part of your vehicle. Your Phantom Immobiliser will be unobtrusive and undetectable by prying eyes.


Select Valet Mode, set a time limit, and your Phantom Immobiliser will be temporarily disabled while your vehicle is being valeted. When Valet Modeis over, or your car is driven over a pre-set speed, your immobiliser will reactivate.


Need to change the settings on your Phantom Immobiliser? No problem. Maintenance Mode makes it easy for you to change your PIN or enable Valet Mode.


You can operate your Phantom Immobiliser wherever you are. By accessing the web interface from your smartphone, you'll be able to put your vehicle into Valet Mode or even change your PIN. Complete control atyour fingertips.


The Phantom Immobiliser will protect your pride and joy from keyless theft. Should thieves get access to your vehicle, they won't be able to start the engine. No PIN code, no driving away.

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