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  • Alarms

    Everyone loves their holidays, and we here at Phantom want to help protect your vehicle from theft, so that you can enjoy your time on the road. We’ve teamed up with automotive alarm expert Gemini to provide a selection of the best alarms on the market that work seamlessly with our tracking devices.

  • In-Car Cameras

    It sometimes feels like it’s everyone for themselves on the roads and what you really need is a second pair of eyes. Our range of Dash-Cameras can record incidents as they occur, including time and GPS location with the footage, giving you the tools you need to prevent insurance issues, all at a great price.

    In-Car Cameras
  • Sat Navs

    Ever been stuck down a small country road that only seems to be getting smaller, with nowhere to reverse? Worse, ever been there whilst towing a Caravan? Our great selection of Aguri Sat Navs offer the ability to input the size of your vehicle so it can navigate a more sensible route to your holiday destination. They hold 30,000 caravan and motorhome sites to help find somewhere to stay for the night, and also comes with free map updates for life.

    Sat Navs
  • Security Accessories

    Keep more than just your vehicle secure with our selection of Security Accessories. Stop credit card fraudsters from stealing your contactless card details with our Phantom Cloak RFID Protection Card, and more.

    Security Accessories
  • Speed Camera Detectors

    If you’re in new territory travelling to see friends or family, and you are unsure of the speed limit at your location, then these dash-cameras that also double up as speed trap and speed gun detectors. They will warn you before you hit the measured limit or get pulled over by the police.

    Speed Camera Detectors