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DX2000 + Faraday box

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Aguri DX2000 GPS Dash Cam and Speed Trap Detector with Built-in Wi-Fi Special Offer! NOW ONLY £189.99 


NEW! The ultimate GPS, radar, laser speed trap detector with built-in high definition dash cam and wireless updates via your Android Smart Phone or iPhone. DX2000 comes preloaded with our latest speed trap database, so you can use it straight out of the box. Our most advanced GPS speed trap detector with outstanding radar and laser performance plus built-in HD dash cam designed specifically for the UK and Europe. DX2000 will provide advance warning of all types of speed traps plus 1000’s of locations where mobile speed traps and laser guns are commonly used. No subscription charges and no download fees.

Faraday RFID Signal Blocking Box

The Phantom Faraday Box is an RFID signal blocking case for Cell Phone Privacy and protecting Car Key FOBs

NOW ONLY £18.99