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Motorhome Vanguard Alarm System

Phantom Vanguard for a motorhome.


The Vanguard alarm can integrate with your vehicle remote, depending on model. It comes with an extra remote if your prone to losing things, you get a FREE spare with an emergency override and valet mode. It will only allow the remotes to retain key-less entry to be used to lock and unlock the doors.

Upgrade to Sentinel

The Sentinel system, comprised of a Vanguard alarm and a Phantom tracking device, provides all the benefits of a Vanguard alarm with the additional security and peace of mind of a tracking device.

Pet Mode/Night Mode

Pet mode, or Night Mode, allows you to keep your door and window sensors armed whilst deactivating the motion detectors. This allows your vehicle to remain secure whilst preventing accidental alarm activations during the night or when you leave your pet unattended.

Wireless Sensors/Door Sensors

Your vehicle will be protected by a series of sensors around the key weak points on your vehicle, or the most common entry points for thieves, such as windows and doors. More PIR or wireless mag door switches can be easily added for extra security. The alarm will accept up to 55 additional sensors.

Your Warning Alarm Features

Vanguard alarm has an intelligent battery back up in case power is cut from the main battery. The system will chirp when its being set or when you activate it with your fob or key. It will also warn you of false alarms or flash if an attempt has been made at entry.

Free Nationwide fitting

To ensure our products are installed and working correctly, we have built-up a nationwide network of accredited installers. These deliver a professional fitting service for all our products and offer a full parts and labour guarantee. So, no matter where you are in the UK, we can arrange fitting to suit you and give you complete peace of mind that your tracker, that will work exactly as they are supposed to.


If you want to add a locker or garage door switch we can do this for you. We even offer bike tags that will tell you if the bikes you have on the back of your van have been moved or tampered with. We can add extra PIRS for ultimate protection.