Information on Sentinel

Unfortunately an expensive new Motorhome will always be a popular target for thieves for both its high value and your increasingly expensive contents!
Your motorhome is a significant investment and it makes sense to protect it as best you can....with Phantom's Sentinel, wherever you keep your vehicle you will know it's safe and secure. The standard system will provide protection to bonnet, cab doors, habitation door and internal ultra sonic motion sensors.

What is it?

A security system developed by two of the leading brands in leisure vehicle security....SENTINEL...It's the synthesis of an insurance rated alarm and our latest Phantom Pro3 GPS system, not only protecting your motorhome but bringing the ability to monitor and control remotely!

Never again will you wonder if you set the alarm or worry who has the keys? A simple secure app will show you the alarm status and allow you to lock and unlock, thus arm or disarm the alarm from wherever you are (requires an active internet connection)

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Thatcham 2-1
User interface
Using vehicle's original remoteYes
Phantom remote control1
Emergency over-rideYes
Intrusion detection
Perimeter (door. Boot & bonnet)Yes
Ultrasonic movement sensorYes
Optional sensors
Microwave movement sensoroption
2 Zone wireless sensors facilityYes
Wireless piroption
Wireless reed switchoption
Wireless window sensoroption
Security features
Intelligent battery back-up sirenYes
Pager/tracking outputYes
Neg output when armedYes
Indicator / park light flashingYes
Arm/disarm siren chirpsSelectable
Ignition anti-hot wireYes
Convenience features
Central locking outputYes
Temporary sensor exclusion facilityYes
Silent arm/ silent disarmYes
False alarm nuisance preventionYes
Alarm trigger diagnosticsYes
Rapid test mode for installerYes
Current draw in an armed state15ma
Flashing ledYes
24 Month warrantyYes
Pet modeYes
Thatcham Category 6
Assures you of a quality product and helps with Insurance discounts
24 hour UK Secure Operating Centre
Staffed 365 days per year
Latest 50 channel GPS receiver
Giving increased accuracy even in challenging environments
Small compact unit
Internal antennae
Aiding the systems covert installation
Sophisticated power management
Ensures you are kept informed about low or flat battery
Unique multi-network communication
Enhanced communications across 27 EU countries
Built-in 3G motion sensor
Low power drain < 10mA
Server check-in twice per day
Internet portal & Android / IOS apps
Ensure you have the ability to monitor and control your Sentinel system remotely
Pin code Protection
Secondary security means if you lose you phone, your vehicle cannot be controlled by another

For further details on the Sentinel System or if you have any questions message us on our Contact Us page or give us a call on 0161 219 4299 and our customer service team will be there to help you

*Pricing from £699, with subscription options of £13.50 per month, £149 per year or £499 for 5 years.