Vanguard Caravan Alarm

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Vanguard Caravan Alarm

£ 595.00

The Phantom Vanguard alarm has been designed specifically for caravans by our partners at Gemini Technologies. It is simple to operate and provides a comprehensive and reliable security solution.

  • Encrypted 4 button remote
  • Bedside 3 button remote with night mode
  • Internal battery back up
  • High power 110 Db siren
  • Internal digital tilt sensor
  • Awning light connection
  • Wireless PIR or Wireless Hyper frequence internal sensor
  • Simple wireless pairing process
  • Wireless door switch option
  • Audible diagnostics to indicate source of trigger
  • Low power draing > 1.5mA
  • Accessory output
  • External trigger circuit

Additional PIR or wireless mag door switches can be esaily added. The alarm will accept up to 5 additional sensors.

Link this alarm to our Pro3 tracking unit for the ultimate caravan security package. The bespoke app will allow you to check your alarm is armed or disarmed and even arm or disarm the system remotely.

Thatcham accreditation number TQA514