Xplore C1 Geo Dashcam

£ 30.00

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The Xplore C1 Geo Dashcam is an easy to use dashboard camera that you can fit in the palm of your hand measuring only 32mm and weighing only 36g. The Xplore C1 comes with a wide range of modern and useful features including:

Smart Editing

The Xplore C1 Geo provides a smart editing feature in it's App this mean you can add personalized background music, titles, captions and add various filters to make the videos appear more professional. This also allows you to upload your videos to social media platforms also.

In-Built GPS

Now with Geographic tagging, this means that your video clip can be marked with a location on a map, pinpointing the location where the video was taken.

In Built Battery

Built with a 180mA Lithium battery it can provide you with 20 minutes of recording time without charging.


Also built-in with Wi-Fi, meaning that you can connect it to your smartphone with ease, without the problem of having to interchange different SD cards.

Snapshot Remote

 The Xplore C1 also comes with a Snapshot Remote button as standard, this can be put somewhere inside the driver's cab and can be tapped to capture 12 seconds of video, when and if the driver requires it.

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