Aguri Truck TX520 DVR

From £ 250.00

If you are looking for a sat nav for your truck look no further then the Aguri Truck TX520 DVR LIVE - a clear and easy to read sat nav that can be an extremely handy tool for navigating your routes. The Aguri Truck TX520 has an in-built high definition dash camera as well with a super wide 130 degrees lens ensuring that it catches everything and anything that could happen while your driving. This will continually record the road ahead and will save all of your video footage to an included 8GB Micro SD card - which is included for safe keeping so in case of an accident you can easily prove what happened.

You have two options based on the routes that you mostly navigate - just make the selection below. The system comes preloaded with your choice of UK and Ireland or Full European mapping so you can use it straight out of the box. Your system will have free map updates for life - you don't need to connect your sat nav to a pc or mac you can just connect it straight to the internet using it's inbuilt wifi and you can then receive all your maps and software updates wirelessly.

Also, a handy feature of the Aguri Truck TX520  DVR is that it comes with the latest version of Aguris Speedshield speed trap database - installed and ready to use. This is a database of speed trap locations - and will provide adequate and advanced warning of all types of speed traps that could be in place on the road including gatso, truvelo and SPECs average speed traps, plus locations where mobile speed traps and laser guns are commonly used.

All our satellite navigation systems come complete with speed limit monitoring software. The speed limit of every road is clearly displayed alongside the speed you’re travelling at, so you can be confident that you are always driving safely and legally within the limit

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