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You can buy any of our personal tracking device online, here on our website. Or you can give us a call and we will help you pick the best tracker for you over the phone.
This is dependent on the vehicle but we always ensure that our device is well hidden and hard to find in case your vehicle is stolen or broken in to.
It is possible to do this using the MyPhantom App's Service Mode feature. On the App if you go to the tab called Actions press that and then you will see a part called Service Mode with the option to Enable it there.
Yes, it would be a very time consuming process for a thief, first they would have to detect the location of the tracker and then disable it, in this time it would be clear that there has been interference and an alert would have been sent.
The Phantom Tracking Device consumes about 10mA, this is very minimal, many items in a motorhome drain much more than this on a regular basis.
If you are sure that you have already activated your myPhantom account then we would advise resetting your password on the MyPhantom portal on our website, we will be adding this functionality soon to our MyPhantom app as well.
You can do this by clicking the Actions tab, and then pressing the Enable Service Mode button, we hope to add this functionality in the future to the website but for now you can only do this on our App.
Yes, you can do this on the app as well, by going on the Actions tab and pressing the Manage Viewers button.
Pro3 is a tracking solution designed specifically for your caravan, ensuring that you can check the location of your caravan at all times, as well as other crucial information.
No, we no longer need to know if your travelling out of the country.
We are currently making changes to the App and hope to add this feature soon
While our tracker is very accurate, it uses Google Maps API so we can only position your vehicle on the map within a few feet of its location.
iTrack is four different tracking options for your vehicle, whether that be a car, van, motorbike or an array of other vehicles. Phantom have a solution for you.
If you give us a call we will be able to see if an upgrade would be possible for your vehicle and hopefully help you further.
No ,there are a number of different vehicles that the iTrack product will work in, if you give us a call we can help you further with this.
Sentinel is an alarm/tracker combo that ensures that your getting the best level of security for your motorhome.
Insight is a Fleet Tracking Solution, providing your business with a way to keep track of your fleet and your drivers.